Varicocele are varicose veins formed around the ovaries in the ovarian bags, called scrotum. Varicocele is more common on the left side. It is important because it causes infertility. Since varicocele disease will disrupt the sperm cells in the testis, patients need to be treated. It is most common in the 20-30 age group. Follow-up is very important in patients with varicocele in earlier ages. Since varicocele may cause a reduction in testicular volume in these patients, treatment should be planned immediately if such a condition is encountered during follow-up.

Varicocele can be defined while investigating the cause of infertility completely without any symptoms, and it can cause blunt pain and testicular withdrawal from time to time. When the patient is standing for a long time, the pain increases and it decreases with lying. Physical examination is usually sufficient to make a diagnosis, but when it is inadequate, color doppler ultrasonography should be performed th support diagnosis.

Microsurgical varicocele surgery should be recommended for varicocele patients requiring treatment.

Things to pay attention after operation:

  • Take care not to stand too far. In the evening you must sit long and lift your feet up high.
  • Avoid movements and exercises that prevent blood drainage in the testicle bag.
  • Do not wear tight trousers and tight underwear such as jeans that prevent the movement of the testis and the bag.
  • Avoid heavy sports and exercises, do not lift loads.